Wellbeing is not one size fits all

No more boring seminars or feeling obligated to participate in team challenges. You choose what you want to do and when.

Our fully digital platform gives you 24/7 access to experts, tools, and resources so you can reach your goals in and out of work more easily.

Plus, it’s confidential and secure. The boss can’t see your personal information.

How it works

1. Sign in to your personalised wellbeing dashboard with your unique log in.

2. Browse unlimited resources and tools, connect with experts, and set goals with your dedicated wellbeing adviser.

3. Feel great – knowing you are in control of your complete wellbeing.

Our four pillars of Wellbeing

We have developed tools such as Coach Me, Advise Me, Inspire Me and Talk to Me, in conjunction with other resources. We aim to help you provide a way to optimise your employees' wellbeing and increase their overall satisfaction both inside and outside of the workplace.

Physical wellbeingLearn more
Physical wellbeing is when you are able to undertake physical activity without pain and make active personal choices to minimise likelihood of illness and disease.

We manage Physical Wellbeing through our Coach Me tool. Coach Me is a way to motivate and support you to maintain your physical wellbeing, giving you access to specialised and experienced trainers, and other personalities within this space.

We know that we perform better in all areas of life when we are fit and healthy - and with sedentary lifestyles being increasingly common, there are ongoing concerns for the general health and fitness of many people.

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Social wellbeingLearn more
Social wellbeing is feeling confident in relationships and healthy connections with other people. It includes having a feeling of connection to your community and society, as well as having an understanding of how your behaviours can impact others.

Inspire Me gives you access to notable people in the community, who have achieved inspiring goals and wish to share their stories. Inspire Me is a platform to share these stories and facilitate discussions with celebrated people who have overcome various obstacles in life and achieved significant success.

Speakers for Inspire Me operate under the pillar of social wellbeing, which has proven to be critical for good mental health.

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Financial wellbeingLearn more
Especially in this era of Covid, finances have become a primary and significant concern for people. Impacted financial wellbeing can cause mental strain, tension within social relationships, and even adversely affect your physical health and fitness.

Advise Me is an intuitive, secure tool that gives you access confidential financial advice. Individually tailored to your personal circumstances, we can help alleviate financial stress.

Finances and Wellbeing are closely linked - Advise Me works to assist you with better understanding and planning your finances.

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Mental wellbeingLearn more
Mental Wellbeing is a healthy state of mind, when you are psychologically healthy and feel that you have a sense of purpose.

Talk to me gives you confidential to mental health support. An opt-in service, we have people available if you need to chat.

Nearly one in four New Zealand adults have experienced poor mental wellbeing, despite the fact that mental health is proven to be important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

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If you require urgent support call the
Mental Health Crisis Team on 0800 611 16 or 111 for emergencies

*Note that we do not provide medical (physical or mental) or psychological advice. The tools listed above as well as elsewhere on this site are informative only. Always seek professional advice.