Happy employees = Happy accountants

Research shows that improving employee wellbeing has an return on investment (ROI) of 5:1 and up to 12:1 (there’s a stat’ to take to your CFO).

Wellbeing Connection supports each of the four pillars of wellbeing and helps to create an environment where employees can perform at their best.

How it works
  1. Employees access tools and resources, connect with experts and set goals with a dedicated wellbeing adviser via a personalised dashboard.

  2. Anonymous data helps you measure the impact of Wellbeing Connection on your business.

  3. As an employer, you can focus on other things - like marveling at the increased productivity and profitability that Wellbeing Connection brings to your business.

Recognise and support your employees.

Understanding that wellbeing is a broad area and consists of a number of pillars. In the event of an issue with an employee, it is important to recognise which of these pillars is being compromised and support them as they work through it.

Foster a wellbeing-oriented culture.

Work towards a culture of wellbeing that supports employee engagement. Reports from your Wellbeing Connection dash can give you anonymised data, showing where your employees are engaging with our tools. This is a great indicator of where you need to direct your efforts to best support the wider workplace.

Proactively manage issues.

Supporting employees to achieve their optimal levels of wellbeing (and therefore, happiness and productivity at work) requires ongoing management and support. Our tools can help you do this!

Provide support tools that employees can use.

We're here to help! Utilise our tools and encourage your employees to access the resources made available to them.

Wellbeing works from 9am – 5pm too

In the past, wellbeing was something employees were expected to manage outside of work. Today, it has become a crucial part of business structure. And for good reason - not only do we perform better in all areas of our lives when we take care of ourselves, but research has shown that that for every dollar a business invests in wellbeing, they can expect to see a return of up to 12x within a year.

Employee wellbeing is directly linked to employee engagement. And not only can poor engagement lead to disgruntled, unhappy employees, but it can become costly. Disengaged employees cost the New Zealand economy $7.5 billion a year. This figure comes from increased safety incidents, increased sick leave, higher turnover, and a reduction or lack of quality work.

New Zealand takes employee wellbeing very seriously - and so should you. Employers have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety Act (2015) to manage the risks to their employees - both physically and mentally. Read more about your duty of care here.

There is real value in prioritising employee wellbeing. Our complete ecosystem makes it easy to do this, in a way that is personal and easy to manage.

Our four pillars of Wellbeing

We have developed tools such as Coach Me, Advise Me, Inspire Me and Talk to Me, in conjunction with other resources. We aim to help you provide a way to optimise your wellbeing both inside and outside of the workplace.

Physical wellbeingLearn more
Physical wellbeing is when you are able to undertake physical activity without pain and make active personal choices to minimise likelihood of illness and disease.
How we can help with physical wellbeing in your workplace

Coach Me motivates and supports employees with their physical wellbeing, giving them access to experienced and specialised trainers, and other personalities within this space.

We all perform better when we are fit and healthy. Coach Me helps your team bring their A-game to work.

Our Physical Wellbeing Partners
Social wellbeingLearn more
Social wellbeing is feeling confident in relationships and healthy connections with other people. It includes having a feeling of connection to your community and society, as well as having an understanding of how your behaviours can impact others.
How we can help with social wellbeing in your workplace

Inspire Me gives your employees access to notable people in the community who have achieved inspiring goals and wish to share their stories. Inspire Me is a platform to share these stories and facilitate discussions with celebrated people who have overcome various obstacles in life, and achieved significant success.

Our social wellbeing partners
Financial wellbeingLearn more
Especially in this era of Covid, finances have become a primary and significant concern for people. Impacted financial wellbeing can cause mental strain, tension within social relationships, and even adversely affect your physical health and fitness.
How we can help with financial wellbeing in your workplace

Advise Me is an intuitive, secure tool that gives your employees access to confidential financial advice. Individually tailored to their personal circumstances, we can help alleviate financial stress.

Finances and wellbeing are closely linked - Advise Me works to assist your team to better understand and plan their finances.

Our financial wellbeing partners
Mental wellbeingLearn more
Mental Wellbeing is a healthy state of mind, when you are psychologically healthy and feel that you have a sense of purpose.
How we can help with mental wellbeing in your workplace

Talk to me is an online tool that provides access to support for those employees wishing to confidentially chat to someone about their mental health.

Talk to Me is a way of connecting employees to services that support the critical mental pillar of wellbeing.

Talk to me gives your employees confidential access to mental health support. An opt-in service, we have people available for your team, if you need it.

Our mental wellbeing partners
Want to find out more?
Are you not coping?

If you require urgent support call the
Mental Health Crisis Team on 0800 611 16 or 111 for emergencies

*Note that we do not provide medical (physical or mental) or psychological advice. The tools listed above as well as elsewhere on this site are informative only. Always seek professional advice.